LANA Your departure

Don't forget to let us know your desired departure time no later than 10 a.m. on the Thursday before your departure.

Note that you can vacate the house at your convenience up to 10am maximum on the day of your departure.



Early departure (the day before) or departure before 8am:

As soon as we have received your form, we will inform you of the procedure to follow for returning the keys.


Departure between 8am and 10am : 

Please tell us your desired time slot using the form below.

Our key holder will come to meet you to make your departure.

However, since the key holder must ensure the departure of each customer, the latter may have a little delay. If it is important for you that a more precise schedule be respected, please specify it in "remarks".





Security Deposit: Your security deposit will not be returned to you at the time of your departure but within 48 hours after departure.

A quick inventory will be made in your presence, however a more precise inventory will be made after your departure (before the arrival of the new customer).


End of stay cleaning: 

End-of-stay cleaning is included in your price, however this does not exempt you from leaving the accommodation in a correct state * of cleanliness and tidying up, it is even requested.




For information :

The cleaning fee which is invoiced to you is only a participation and in no case covers the real cost of the service.

In addition, the actual cost of this service may vary depending on the state in which you will leave the accommodation.

Finally, if the cleaning time is extended, we take the risk of not respecting the 5 p.m. schedule for the new customer.

Any additional cost, which could be applied, will be deducted from your security deposit.




*But what does "correct state" ?

For your departure, we ask that:

  • Sheets, fitted sheets and pillowcases as well as all the towels used must be gathered in the bags made available to you. Bags must be left in the entrance or in front of the door when you leave.
  • Quilts, cushions and mattress protectors should be left on the beds.


  • All your bins (including secondary bins: bathroom, toilet ...) as well as all your waste, must be evacuated to the garbage room.


  • The kitchen space must be correct (no food, grease, etc. residue should be found in the refrigerator, cupboards, sink, worktop, doors and tables).
  • The dishes must be clean and tidy.
  • The dishwasher must be clean and emptied.
  • The oven must be clean.


  • The bathrooms and toilets must be in a correct state of cleanliness (no soap, toothpaste, hair residue, etc. must be found in the basins, shower and bathtub).


  • The house must be tidy: All the furniture or equipment must be in their place.
  • The floors of the house must be correct: No remains of sand or animal hair if necessary.


  • Green spaces: The garden furniture must be in its place as well as the parasols so that we can inspect them.
  • The droppings of your animals in the green spaces will have to be collected.


  • High chair and baby cot: If we have provided you with a Baby Kit - You will be asked to return it to us clean.


Consult the packages in the event of damage and/or lack of cleaning : Dg tarifs 2024dg-tarifs-2024.pdf (537.63 Ko)

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