Golf in Biarritz

in Bidart... Ilbarritz golf course


The Ilbarritz International Golf Training Center is located on an exceptional site.

The Ilbarritz course is a 9 hole course facing the ocean, par 32, with a length of 2176 meters.

Located on two levels of land, it offers you a magnificent view of the ocean throughout your journey.


The training center workshops allow you to train according to your desires or your weaknesses. From small to big game, on carpet or grass, on flat or sloping ground, everything here is designed to work on your swing.


This space is the place of training for high-level golfers, it is also ideal for taking your first steps on a golf course.


Open all year.


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Voyage en Terre Basque is in partnership with the Philippe MENDIBURU Academy.

Do not hesitate to contact us to organize your golf stay at L'Orée de la MILADY in Biarritz.

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Académie Philippe MENDIBURU

Centre d'entrainement au Golf d'Ilbarritz 

Avenue du Chateau - 64210 BIDART

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in Biarritz... The Golf of Biarritz "Le Phare"


The Golf of Biarritz le Phare extends over 34 hectares.

It is a par 69 with a length of 5402 meters, it was designed by the architect Willy DUNN in 1888.

Do not rely on the easy aspect of this course which does not require significant physical effort. Its difficulty lies in its technicality and it is not so easy to “score” there.

More than 70 bunkers in total serve as a reminder, if need be, that the game of golf is above all a matter of reflection and insight.

The greens are fast, the rough very discreet.

The location of the course, in the city center - originality due to its age - offers the immense privilege of being close to all the necessary services: hotels, beaches, shops.

Close to the ocean, it enjoys a very temperate climate throughout the year: mild in winter, rarely too hot in summer.