MILADY Inventory

An inventory of your accommodation has been carried out by us and has been given to you.

However, in the event of an oversight or an error on our part, you can modify it within a maximum of 24 hours from your arrival.

This is to report damage that does not appear on our inventory and that could be attributed to you on your departure.


We will pay attention to the windows, the indoor and outdoor furniture, as well as equipment which might be broken or damaged

Equipment malfunction or the natural aging of the house will not be blamed on you.


However, all interior and exterior material that you have available during your stay is under your responsibility, as is the house.

A claim due to negligence may be attributed to you.

This is why we invite you not to leave the windows open in the event of rain, to close your parasols properly in the event of wind and in the event of absence.


Rates applicable in the event of damage: Dg 2024dg-2024.pdf (526.43 Ko)


NB : Sending this form will not give rise to any intervention on our part, it will only be used for your initial inventory.

If you wish to report a malfunction in order to obtain an intervention, please fill out the appropriate form: "contact our technical department"

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